Getting to know the game

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Getting to know the game

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 21, 2008 8:12 pm

Conquer Online is a free MMORPG. The main website is

Now for the classes, I will write the Good and Bad things for each class in separate rows so it would be more simple

Good: They deal the most damage out of all classes, can use a weapon in each hand after the 40th level,they have the most HP (Hitpoints) and are great at PVP (Player Versus Player)
Bad: Their magic defense is pretty low so they can lose a battle against Taoists if they aren't quick enough, their equipment is the most expensive.

Good: They have the best skill in the game - Superman, it multiplies their physical damage for a couple of times which makes them extremely strong against stronger monsters and also makes them the easiest class to level up. Their equipment is cheap and they have the most defense
Bad: They are one of the weakest classes in PVP, the could only win against another, weaker warrior or an archer but IF they use a shield (Warriors use a 2 handed weapon or a 1 handed weapon with a shield) which most of the warriors don't. Their Magic defense without the shield is also really low.

Good: Archers are the best class for hunting and Plvling (Power Leveling). Their Magic defense is high especially when they wear earrings which most archer do because at the high levels they mostly level up at monsters with magic attacks and earrings give magic defense.
Bad: Weak defense and attack, have to buy arrows all the time, expensive equipment and they suck at PVP they can only win against a Taoist because of their high magic defense.

After level 40 the Taoists choose if they want to be a Water or a Fire Taoist so i will write for both of them

Water Taoist
Good: They have lots of healing and defensive spells, they are a supportive class, their magic defense is high, unlike the other classes the Taoist can get reborn at level 110 (Rebirth is explained below). Their equipment is fairly cheap
Bad: Their magic attack is pretty weak and their physical defense is low.

Fire Taoist
Good: High Magic defense and attack, very good at PVP, their equipment is the same as the water taoists' so it's fairly cheap.
Bad: Low physical defense

Now for Rebirth

After a character gets to level 120, 110 for the water taoists, he can get reborn. That means that you will choose a new class and start off of level 15 but you will gain the Guard and the Mob (Pet) ability and you will also keep some of the skills from the old class (You can also choose the same class you were before). Also you will get a super gem of your choice. You will also get attribute points after each level which will let you add strength, vitality, agility and spirit by yourself. The guard can be iron which you get at level 15, copper at 40, silver at 80 and gold which is the strongest at 105. The mob has 4 levels and there is a different mob for each class. Trojans get a Big, pig face looking bat, warriors get a fire rat, archers get a skeleton, water taoists get a bat boss, and fire taoists get a bat.

--If anyone needs more info about the game just write a post and i will add whatever you need--

In the meanwhile you can find me on the Nature - Lightning server playing _TyCooN_ a reborn Water Taoist into Water Taoist

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